#TimeTravel: Top Series to Watch 1

It is not a secret for those who read my blog that I am a massive time travelling fun. In the past days I was engaged with some debates on Facebook on what series to watch with time travelling theme so I thought I should write a blog with my recommendations too.

It is rather difficult to decide who to start with when I liked majority of series I watched so far, and they are all good in their own way. So, I will start in no particular order…


Availability: Netflix

This is a beautiful series that also has an educational character because time travellers travel through time to save US history from changes. Therefore, we get to learn about history but also enjoy changes that time travelling brings. This is the aspect I like the most in time travelling series, i.e. where we can see changes happening. I also wrote about this series in one of my previous blogs (see here).


Availability: Netflix

This is also a beautiful series that shows consequences of time travelling or changing the past. There is no time machine and travelling here, but an old forgotten machine enables father and daughter to talk and change history together. As they make decisions we see how history changes through flashes in daughter’s head where new memories are created even though she knows they did not happen to her for real. I wrote about the series in one of my previous blogs.


Availability: Netflix

I really liked this series, and could not let it go until I finished it all. It is a German series adapted to English by Netflix. It feels weird at first to see lips moving differently than what is being said but you get used to it easily. The sounding is done really well. Lots of time travelling and changes to past and present, which are all vividly portrayed in this series. This is one the most complex series in the time traveling programme at the moment because one needs to stop watching a few times to absorb and analyse all information. Very intense but in a good way. I wrote about it in this post.


Availability: Netflix

This is an interesting series with time travellers trying to change the past to save the future. It has lots of action and interesting events, but it does not show enough changes to the past and we only get to learn how main character’s life changed because of changed history in the final episode. It has four seasons and I did watch the series until the end, because it is very dynamic and interesting and lots of knowledge on the past is being used to change the present, and all with the goal to change the future.


Availability: Netflix

I watched both seasons of Travelers, and I blogged about second season (see here). First season is very dynamic straight from the beginning while the second season is at first slow but then it picks up. The series is similar to Continuum in a sense that Travelers have knowledge of the past so they are acting accordingly to save and change it, but we do not see time travelling and we vaguely know that in these two seasons they haven’t managed to change the future no matter what they did. The series is thus similar to Continuum where we find out the real effects of the changed past only in last episode of the season four.


Availability: unknown

Heroes is one of my all time favourite series on time travelling. I watched it a few years ago either on Netflix or Now TV but I do not see it available now. It is certainly worth watching if you can find it somewhere because it has plenty of action, and proper time travelling and consequences it brings. It also has a killer who is trying to steal abilities that unusual characters have, which makes it really interesting to watch. In a nutshell, the series is not only about time travelling but more about supra-natural abilities of main characters, however, as the series progresses it becomes about time travelling due to the fact some characters have that gift. Certainly worth watching as it combines both time travelling and other supra natural.

There are a few more series I found to watch, so second version of this blog will follow soon as I managed to trace at least three time travelling series currently available on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Thank you for reading.

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