#Series Review: Netflix’s Star Trek Discovery

If you enjoyed all Star Trek series before, you will love this one too. And, if you care about representation of minorities and women in the media and popular culture, you will love it even more.

In Netflix’s version of Star Trek the story starts with a female captain Philippa Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) and female first officer Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin Green), the latter well known for her great portrayal of Sasha in the Walking Dead. Philippa and Michael embark on a new war with Klingons after they have been absent for hundreds of years.

Burnham correctly recognises the war is coming and insists Star Fleet should attack first regardless of the rule never to strike first. However, the captain will not listen. Thus, she takes matters into her own hands only to end up in martial court and life sentence for not abiding by the rules and violating the hierarchy.

The story does not end here for she is needed by the new captain due to her outstanding skills coming from growing up in Vulcan after Klingons killed her family. Thus, in this series the hero and the best soldier is women. Nevertheless, both captain and the first officer are also of minority origin. It seems that the days when only white men were portrayed as the best soldiers and the best engineers able to save the world may finally be over. Instead, this series presents a nice blend of men and women with leadership skills, and as such it is a truly enjoyable experience.

I watched all three episodes currently available on Netflix yesterday, with new episodes coming each Monday. I absolutely loved it for the story is good, the scenes are fantastic (the story does not just happen in studios, there are some scenes as well), and I enjoyed watching evil Klingons starting a new war with our heroes from the Star Fleet led by Michael Burnham.

I felt like Sheldon and Leonard from the Big Bang Theory, wishing I knew Klingon to express my excitement about the new series.

Netflix at its best again, and not just for the series and an interesting remake of popular Star Trek but also because this series once again champions women and diversity. Love it!

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