#Book Review: The Infinity Engines-Eschaton

Author: Andrew Hastie

The Infinity Engines-Eschaton is the third book in the Infinity Engine series by Andrew Hastie. I reviewed the first two books (see here and here). I started reading this book before and then left it due to relocation, changing jobs and the usual chaos that comes along with such a change, but I am back to reading this interesting time travel series.

In the first two books, we meet Josh and Caitlyn who can time travel not just through a special watch the Order gives them but also by touching historical objects, these two are non-linear thus existing and living on another timeline than liners. The Order is divided and some want to keep changing history to achieve the best possible outcome for humans whilst not altering the history too much but some Determinists want to let humans live as they wish with no interference.

In this third book, Eschaton, Josh and Caitlyn continue to fight to preserve the Oblivion Order, which is falling apart, and the timeline is beginning to unravel with Dalton’s obsession with the Djinn and the continuum is on the brink of being brought down. The only way to stop it from falling apart is to resolve the riddles of the Eschaton Cascade and find Josh’s father. The future this book discovers is the one the Founder wanted to avoid being disclosed and found out, and we also learn that there are many different continuums, the current one where the Order exists being hidden from the Djinn and Nihils that want to destroy it, but now they discovered it, Josh might be the only one who can save the continuum…

The Infinity Engines-Eschaton is packed with adventure and unlike the second book, there is more time travel and history. For example, I enjoyed the reference to the Great Fire of London and an attempt of the Order to let it happen because it needed to happen but to save as many people as possible because, at this time, the authorities were unable to count how many died anyway, thus saving as many as possible does nothing to history whilst helping humanity. This notion of the Order trying to preserve humanity and the continuum is what I really enjoy in this book series. It debunks myths about secret societies and makes them look like positives, implying that not everyone who works from the shadows is sinister. I would still enjoy more jumping and time travelling like in the first book when it happens non-stop…

Thank you for reading!

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