Journal Articles


M. Topić (2024, submitted). Editorial 29.5: Relationship Building and Behaviour in Public Relations and Corporate Communications. Corporate Communications: An International Journal. 

M. Topić (2024). Editorial 29.4.: Relationship (and Behavioural) Leadership in Public Relations and Corporate Communications. Corporate Communications: An International Journal, 29(4), 473-480. 

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M. Topić (2023). Editorial 28.6: Corporate Social Irresponsibility. Corporate Communications: An International Journal, 28(6), 813-818.

M. Topić (2023). Editorial 28.5: Virtual Communication, Organisational Reputation and (mis)Trust. Corporate Communications: An International Journal, 28(5), 685-691.

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M. Topić (2023). Editorial 28.3: Human Social Responsibility. Corporate Communications: An International Journal, 28(3), 353-362.  

M. Topić (2023). Editorial 28.2: Digital Transformation and Humans. Corporate Communications: An International Journal, 28(2), 169-175. 

M. Topić (2023). Editorial 28.1: Are We Truly Listening? Corporate Communications: An International Journal, 28(1), 1-5.

M. Topić (2022). Editorial 27.4: Toward an EDI Agenda in Corporate Communications. Corporate Communications: An International Journal, 27(4), 617-622. 

M. Topić, M. J. Cunha (2022). Editorial: Post-feminism in Contemporary Television. Northern Lights: A Film & Media Studies Yearbook, special issue ‘Women and Girls in Popular Television in the Age of Post-Feminism’, eds. M. Topić & M. J. Cunha. Northern Lights: Film & Media Studies Yearbook, 20(1), 3-9. 

M. Topić (2021). Introduction to a special issue: Women and Leadership in Public Relations. Journal of Public Relations Research, 33(3), 131-135.

M.Topić, D. Kilvington, M. Holy, J van Sterkenburg (2021). Perpetuating Inequality: Media Discourses on “Race” and Gender. Northern Lights: Film & Media Studies Yearbook, 19(1), 3-132.

M. Topić (2020). Editorial – #MeToo: A Contribution Towards the ‘where to for #MeToo’ Debate. In – M. Topić (ed), #MeToo Movement: Past, present and what next? A special issue of Facta Universitatis: Series in Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology and History. 

M. Topić (2017). A Dancing Nation – Cultural Sociology of Dance in Israel: An Introduction. Israel Affairs, 23(6).

Journal articles

M.Topić, G. Round (under review). “Oh, you’ve just been bloody awkward”—An Analysis of Office and Networking Experiences of Women Vegans in England: Meat Eating as a Symbolic Capital in the Workplace.

M.Topić, K. Vollum-Dix, C., Glaister, S. Hallyday (under review). “It’s just so superficial and really puts me off personally” – Views and Perceptions of Networking Among Women Working in Small and Medium-Sized Businesses in England.

M.Olfat, F. Farivar, M. Topić, M. Mohammadbeig (under review). “I buy because I like you more now”: The role of influencer marketing strategy in followers’ retention and repurchase intentions.

M.Topić, K. Vollum-Dix, C.Glaister (under review). Women, Masculinities and the Workplace Culture in Small and Medium Size Businesses in the Leeds City Region.

M. Topić, C. Carbery, A. Adalberto, T. Clayton, N. Kyriakidou, C. Gatewood, S. Shafique, S. Halliday (under review). Networking as an Organisational and Structural Barrier for Women: A Systematic Literature Review (1985-2021).

M.Topić , C. Bruegmann (under review). ‘I wouldn’t worry about it, you’ve still got a great pair of legs’ – Masculine Habitus, Blokishness and the Office Culture in UK Newsrooms.

M.Topić (2023). ‘You really struggle not to come across as bitchy if you are trying to be authoritative’ – BLOKISHNESS, HABITUS, BEHAVIOUR AND CAREER EXPERIENCES OF WOMEN IN PUBLIC RELATIONS’. International Journal of Organization Theory & Behavior26(1-2), 21-40.

M. Topić (2023). “I’m not a typical woman. I don’t think I’m a role model” – An Inquiry into Leadership Styles of Women in the Advertising Industry in England. Journal of Communication Management Vol. 27 No. 1, pp. 84-102.

M.Topić, M. Geiger Zeman, M. Holy (2022). Marketing communication of prevention measures during the pandemic in Croatia. Suvremene Teme – Contemporary Issues, 13(1), 57-73. 

M.Topić, M. Geiger Zeman, Z. Zeman, M. Holy (2022). Far-Right Activism on Croatian Mainstream News Portals: Contributing to (and changing) the Public Debate on the COVID-19 Pandemic. Facta Universitatis: Series Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology and History, 21(3),113-134.

M.Topić, A, Diers-Lawson, C. Goodman (2022). Middle-Class ‘Chavs’ from Working-Class Areas? Socialisation, Habitus and Perspectives of Research and Higher Education among Public Relations and Journalism Students in England. Journal of Communication Pedagogy, 6, 65-82. Available open-access here 

Z.Zeman, M. Geiger Zeman, M. Topić (2022).  Challenges of ”a new hybrid ecosystem”: celebrities, fake news and Covid-19. In Media Res, 11(20), 3243-3267. Download here. 

M. Topić (2021). An Analysis of the Smoking Debate ahead of Bernays’ ‘Torches of Freedom’ Campaign through the lens of the New York Times Coverage (1870-1929). Journal of Historical Research in Marketing, 13(3-4), 214-230.

M. Topić (2021). Why we need Femspec? Femspec, Vol. 20, No.1.

M.Topić, A. Diers Lawson, S. Kelsey (2021). Women and the squander cycle in food waste in the United Kingdom: An Ecofeminist and Feminist Economic Analysis. Social Ecology/Socijalna Ekologija: journal for Environmental Thought and Sociological Research, 30(2), 219-253.

M.Topić (2021). Fluffy PR and ‘Comms Girls’: Banter, Social Interactions and the Office Culture in Public Relations in England. International Journal of Organizational Analysis, 29(5), 1321-1336.

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M.Topić (2021). ‘It’s something that you should go to HR about’ – Banter, Social Interactions and Career Barriers for Women in the Advertising Industry in England. Employee Relations, 43(3), 757-773. 

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M.Topić (2020). Book review: Cultural Diplomacy and International Cultural Relations, Volume 1. ed. Oliver Bennett, London, Routledge, 2019. Cultural Trends, Online First

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L. Ebanks; S. Beresford; M.Topić (2019). ‘Thanks, but it is more about interacting with fans for us’: Twitter Communication between BBC’s Sherlock and NBC’s Hannibal Fans and Producers. The Journal of Social Media in Society, 8(1), 146-177. Paper available here

M. Topić (2018). Not Bloke-ified enough? Women Journalists, Supermarket Industry and the Debate on Sugar in the British Press (2010-2015). Newspaper Research Journal, 39(4), 433-442.

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E. Gilmer, M. Topić (2017). Hillary Clinton and the Media: From Expected Roles to the Critique of Feminism. The Qualitative Report, 22(10), 2533-2543.  Download from this link

M.Topić (2017). Film Review: Ida’s Dance Club. Israel Affairs, 23(6). Paper available here

V. Hasenmeyer, M. Topić (2017). The Impact of Public Relations on the Pharmaceutical Industry: A Case Study of Living Like You Campaign. Journal of Medical Marketing. Online first

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M. Topić (2017). “Do you even understand what off the rack means?” Americanization and Jewish Identities in the Television series ‘Friends’. International Journal of Religion and Society, 5(2), 119-140. The paper is available here and also here.

I. Gualtieri, M. Topić (2016). Exploring Corporate Social Responsibility and Global and Glocal Practices in Qatar: A Practitioner and Stakeholder Perspective. Arab Economic and Business Journal, 11(1), 31-54. Download the paper

M.Topić (2016). Dance and Cultural Tourism in Croatia. International Journal of Religion and Society, 5(2), 47-64. Download the paper here: Dance and Cultural Tourism

M.Topić, R. Tench (2016). The Corporate Social Responsibility in Lidl’s Advertising & Communication Campaigns in Croatia and the UK. The Qualitative Report, 21(2), 351-376. Link for downloading:

M. Topić (2016). Book review: History of Public Diplomacy and Nation Branding in the Nordic and Baltic Countries, eds. Louis Clerc, Nikolas Glover, and Paul Jordan. Leiden: Brill.

L. Yeomans, M. Topić (2015). Engagement and Empathy Discourses in Corporate Communication: The Case of “The Science of Engagement”. Romanian Journal of Communication and Public Relations, 17(3), 27-41. For downloading click on this link

S. Adams, M. Topić (2015). Towards an Ethical PR? An Exploration into Student’s Ethical Perceptions towards the Sainsbury’s WWI Campaign. International Journal of Ethics, 3(1), 1-29.  Download the paper here: Paper with Sam

M. Topić (2014). Forging the Reform: Bologna Reform between National and European, and Traditional and Modern. Facta Universitatis: Series in Law and Politics, 12(1), 21-41. Link for downloading: paper

M. Topić (2013). Religion and the Education system in Croatia: A critique. The South Slav Journal, 32(1-2), 53-86. Download the paper here: Religion_and_the_Education_system_in_Cro

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M. Topić (2009). Helping or destroying? Generally Accepted Criticism of the International Monetary Fund and the Media problem – The cases of Argentina and Croatia. Facta Universitatis – Series Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology and History, 8(1), 9-24. Link for downloading

M. Topić (2009). Gender and Nation: Keeping and Creating the National Identity via Gender oriented Discriminatory policy: The case of Croatia from the nineties. Sociološki pregled (Sociology Review), XLIII(2), 185-207 (In Croatian). Link for downloading

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M. Topić (2009). Media Bias in Elections: How Barack Obama won against Hillary Rodham Clinton. Teme (Themes), XXIII(1), 215-238 (In Croatian). Link for downloading

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