#Feminism Survey

As a feminist, I always eagerly follow all elections where women compete for the highest positions, and I always follow media articles and public debates on feminism and women’s rights.

I noticed recently that feminism is criticised as unnecessary in some public forums and the media, and nevertheless this discourse has also been used against Hillary Clinton in the last US elections (see my paper on Hillary Clinton and the media here).

Therefore, I decided to conduct a research and run a survey asking people on their views on feminism, where the knowledge is coming from, and whether they think feminism is still necessary.

I believe that only by understanding the problem we can address it. As a staunch feminist, I believe that women’s rights are nowhere near equality but I do respect views that argue otherwise. The dialogue is always welcome and always necessary. However, I need to hear arguments and I need them explained. If you think that feminism is not necessary anymore or if you hold any negative views on feminism, I want to hear from you. This is your opportunity to have your say to a scholar who will listen to you and analyse your views as well as more positive and affirmative views.

If you are a feminist, I want to hear from you too so that I can juxtapose pro-feminist arguments against the anti-feminist ones to see where we are failing in communicating our feminist views.

Only by generating more knowledge on the problem can we address an issue and open a dialogue. So, please have your say and participate in my survey. It is not very long and it will not take too much of your time. The survey is available on the link below

Access the survey here

Thank you for reading (and participating in my research)

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