#Film Review: Netflix’s Pet Fooled

This film has recently been added on Netflix, and as an owner of a bunch of super cute and super cuddly kitties I was obviously inclined to watch it.

Needless to say, I freaked out and I haven’t stopped freaking out ever since. Amazon probably knows this the best because all my ‘subscribe and save’ subscriptions have been cancelled all at once, and the next day (after hours of research) they have been replaced with different product subscriptions.

In a nutshell, mainstream food our cats eat is like our fast food just that they eat it every day. In turn, this kills cats and this is why so many die of kidney failures and why so many are having obesity issues. The same applies to dogs just that I picked up cat information more because I currently keep cats. I previously had a doggy and am questioning now whether she lived nearly 15 years because she never ate dog food but stuff carefully prepared for her (e.g. boiled chicken with no salt or additives, etc.).

Cats apparently need a more balanced diet that does not involve grains and wheat. In addition, mainstream cat food also contains too much meat derivatives and water as opposed to the real meat or fish. So, you buy your beloved pet a meaty lunch but she or he is actually eating meat leftovers and water. As cats are not really like dogs (at least in my experience) and do not want to eat our human food that much, one needs to buy cat food. But, we obviously do not know which one, and all marketing adverts promoting happy cats for eating this or that food are largely fake.

The film is not propagandistic because researchers and activists are using some good arguments. For example, they are not necessarily saying we should remove all mainstream food but rather treat it as fast food. They also make a good point when saying that the fact vets recommend certain mainstream food does not mean anything because in the past doctors were recommending smoking. Simply because they did not know and thought it was good. In the same way, we now get recommendations for pet food again out of ignorance.

As activists point out, the pet food industry does not have an incentive to change anything because courts will not give huge damage repayment to the pet owner who loses beloved companion. This needs to change, because losing a pet is a very painful experience for pets are our friends and companions and true family members too.

Thank you for reading.

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