#Series Review: Travelers Season 2

Travelers are back to Netflix. I did not write about this series when it was first broadcast because I did not see it on time, but I did watch the second season last night as soon as it was released.

For those who haven’t watched season one, the series is about a group of agents from distant future who came to the 21st century to change history in order to save the world. The future is apparently disturbing with all environmental devastation and there is even no sun and let alone anything else. Thus, we see travellers enjoy simple things such as being outdoors and enjoying the sun and any food, because the future is so dim.

The travellers are lead by the so-called Director, and throughout the season one we think it is a person but towards the end of the season we find out that it is actually a machine that is ruling the future world and giving all orders. Since there is a rebel movement in the future that finds it unnatural for a machine to rule them, the Director in the last episode comes to the 21st century too.

In the second season, travellers however first have to fight to save themselves from being killed by rebels and other travellers who are now in the 21st century and no longer want to serve the cause.

A distinctive feature of this series is that travellers can only come to 21st century by entering a body of a person who died. They use historical records from the future to select people they will enter and then they live in bodies of their hosts. They are supposed to follow the protocol and not engage too much with family members or reproduce, but as it turns out this is easier said than done. We see this particularly in the season 2…

While this series is not as good as Timeless (see here) or Back to the Future film series, it is still very dynamic and interesting. The season two starts a bit slow and I nearly lost patience because I did not want to watch them fighting rebels all of the time but around episode five the second season picks up and travellers again go on missions to influence historical change to save the world. What is also interesting is that one of key travellers is a historian, which again puts an emphasis on an importance of historians when time travelling, just like in Timeless.

In summary, if you are a massive fun of time travelling and you like watching all different interpretations of this phenomenon, you will like this series too. While it is not my absolute favourite (that would definitely be Timeless and Frequency), it is a series I will still keep watching.

Thank you for reading.

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