#Series Review: Netflix’s Erased

Erased has been on Netflix for a while, however, I haven’t watched it because it is not an English series and thus viewer needs to deal with subtitles. Meanwhile, I forgot about it but then after publishing a review of a wonderful series “Timeless” (review available here ) one of my Facebook friends alerted me to this series, which reminded me to watch it.

This is not a typical time travelling series. Unlikely for other series where characters have some sort of time machine such as capsule in “Timeless” or a time machine car like in “Back to the Future”, in this series main character travels through time without being able to control it. These trips to the past can happen at any time.

He invites the events sometimes when he wants to help people, but sometimes they just happen. Thus, he invites the return to the past when his friend falls in the street and injures herself so he can save her. He also invites travel through time when he wants to go back to save his mother from murder, but he also gets sent back to the present without being able to finish dealing with the past. Thus, he was sent 18 years back to investigate kidnapping of his friends, which also led to the murder of her mother.

The series is not dramatic and action-driven like the other series we normally watch such as already mentioned “Timeless” or “Back to the Future”. It is much slower and a lot of the series is about Satoru Fujinuma’s (Shinnosuke Mitsushima, see here) thoughts on what is happening. In addition, Satoru does not travel through time as a grown up person from the present, but only his mind travels and he finds himself in the body of his younger self but with his present thoughts and knowledge.

This is not a typical time-travelling series, but if you are a massive fan of time travelling you will still enjoy it because it is simply different. It is also interesting to see a bit of other cultures and their understanding of time travelling so I did enjoy watching first few episodes and will finish watching the whole season.

However, I just noticed an announcement that second season of Travelers is on today so YAY, more time travelling for me. In case you missed the first season, her is a reminder…

Thank you for reading.

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