“Series Review: Netflix’s Beyond

Beyond is another Netflix’s story of supra natural. This series is not about my favourite time travelling but I also do not mind some supra natural themes. If I had a coin for every time I wished I had a supra-natural ability of any kind (e.g. guess lottery numbers or read people’s minds) I would be rich.

In this particular series, Luke Matthews (Jonathan Whitesell) ends up in a coma for full 12 years. After he wakes up, all of a sudden he has supra natural abilities such as smashing floors or stopping bullets from murdering someone, throwing people in the air, etc. Because of that, he is a target of a group who rightfully worries he will use his abilities to destroy them. However, to make things complicated he is not aware of his abilities nor he is able to understand what is happening.

A girl called Willa (Dylan Gwyn) is trying to help him remember by taking him to spiritual trips to another world, Realm. As it turns out, while he was in a coma his mind lived in this other world and he fought against the evil. Now he must continue fighting them on Earth.

The series thus presents a struggle of Willa to help him remember so that he can help in fighting the evil and save her grandfather who is still in coma and struggling to cope with fighting in the other world, as well as the struggle of Luke to have a normal life while also fighting the battle he started in the Realm.

It is an interesting series that develops the story slowly so not everything is immediately known, but it is still not dull because there is lots of action and attacks which keeps reader engaged.

Thank you for reading.

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