#Series Review: Netflix’s Dark

Time traveling lovers wait no more. A great new series on time traveling is on Netflix.

This series comes from German production and it has no subtitles. Thus, you will find yourself surprised at first when you see characters moving their lips differently than what they are actually saying. However, you get used to it easily and I’d rather have that then read subtitles all the time. In addition, the sounds have been done really well, so it is not one of those series where you can feel that a few people are sitting in the studio talking over the original.

The series has 10 episodes and each one is about 45 minutes long. Lots of things are happening and thus one needs to be attentive. I will not go into details on what happens with each character because I would not want to spoil the series and prevent someone from watching this beauty.

The story is complex in a brain damaging way (to put it that way), but that makes it even more enjoyable to watch. What is different in this series is that characters co-exist with each other at the same time just in different ages of life. Thus we learn that someone can travel to the past and when they fail to return to the future where they originally came from, they stay there, marry and have families; however their disappearance still happens in the future. Thus, in the future there is both a boy and a man and they are the same person.

This is very different than traditional concepts of time travelling as presented in other works. For example, in legendary ‘Back to the Future’ film series Marty is able to travel to the future but he is not supposed to reveal himself to his future self or there would be a chaos.

However, what is same in this series is also a notion of change. Thus, if a son goes to the past to save his father he will not only fail to be born but he will also alter the Universe and create a chaos by meddling in. In addition, this new series also argues that things and people co-exist in time. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that a doggy lost in 1953 passes through the portal and greets happily her owner in 1983 or that the same person can co-exist as both a boy and an adult man.

Time travelling triggers imagination of millions every day. While there is no proof that time travelling is entirely possible there are also those who argue that it is possible, especially when going to the future is in stake. As with everything, there are conspiracies based on photos and newspapers from the past showing some peculiarities. British Express, for example, has a slide show with some questionable photos showing people in the past dressed different than majority of other people, or using mobile phones before they were invented. For a full slide show click here.

These examples of people holding objects like mobile phones in 1930s go back to what this new series is claiming, i.e. that invention of advanced technological products became available much earlier because people traveled through time and brought the information to the past. This would explain the invention of mobile phones and ever more developing technologies where new inventions are being made every year. In addition, the time travelling in this series is conceptualized through the use of wormhole, which is a popular time traveling concept. In the series, the wormhole is thus in the cage through which characters pass and end up in the past. In this case they do not go randomly in the past but 33 or 66 years back, because according to the theory postulated in the series everything gets repeated every 33 years, which then enables going back in time. More detailed explanation of wormhole as a time travelling concept as well as other theories on time travelling can be found on this link.

Either way, this series presents a delight for time travelling lovers like me. I can’t go into details because I do not want to spoil anything but trust me on this one. Watch it!

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