#Chanel and Bags for Men: A Comment on the New Campaign

Chanel has recently released a new advert as part of the chapter 18 of their famous ‘Inside Chanel’ campaign. What is particularly interesting in this campaign is that not only the main film features the story of Gabrielle and invites for emancipation and the freedom of choice of women, but Gabrielle’s bags are also shown as suitable for men. The latest video in the series was released on 24th April and it features Pharell Williams wearing Gabrielle’s bag.

Thus, Chanel’s long lasting campaign is not only celebrating women’s freedom but also the freedom of men to choose to be whoever they want to be. In other words, the system of patriarchy is not just bad for women, it is bad for men as well because just like women are forced to fit into certain roles or they face criticism, men are also forced to appear as tough and macho, which is not a desired identity for every single man in the world. This has been the argument of liberal feminism for decades, and this campaign immediately reminded me of Emma Watson’s famous speech when endorsing He for She campaign (see here) to the UN and her invitation to men to work with women to achieve gender equality that will be good for everyone.

However, Chanel fundamentally remains devoted to women’s emancipation. Thus, the latest chapter (18) of their famous ‘Inside Chanel’ campaign features the story of Gabrielle and the film is entitled ‘Gabrielle, a rebel at heart’.

The film again promotes women emancipation through the story of Gabrielle, and invites women to be independent and be themselves. For example, the film starts with words ‘I decided who I wanted to be. And that is who I am’. This is something we already saw throughout the Inside Chanel campaign with many stories celebrating emancipation of women (see my earlier blog on Chanel and their emancipation campaigns here) .

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