#On Brexit

The majority in the UK has voted to leave the EU. It is not a massive majority of the country, but it is the majority of those who voted in the referendum. This referendum result presents a victory of the Leave camp and UKIP that has been campaigning to leave the EU for a long…

#On the Media Bias

While the public in the UK is largely divided about the upcoming in/out referendum on UK’s future in the EU, it seems that major newspapers in the UK have been working hard to decide on the outcome of the referendum and make the Leave scenario happen. New analysis of coverage of the EU referendum in the…

#The Future of TV in the UK

Until the last year, those of us who are still attached to more traditional media while embracing new technologies, had a hope that the traditional media are not losing battle with the new media. For example, since 2005 Ofcom reports were systematically showing that the TV would be most missed media if it was not…

#More than Just a Car? A Comment on Volkswagen’s New Campaign

A few months ago, Volkswagen faced now well-known environmental scandal that stirred international controversy and attracted extensive media coverage. The company installed, as it was discovered, false devices to hide the actual amount of emissions and cheat on controls. Nevertheless, the company marketed their cars in the US as environmentally friendly while cars actually produced…

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