#Series Review: Netflix’s ReMastered – Who Shot the Sheriff?

ReMastered is a Netflix’s new docuseries, which looks at mysteries in the history of music. The first episode therefore looks at Bob Marley and the assassination attempt, which left his friends and fans shocked.

According to authors, it is his activism in 1970s Jamaica, at the time in political turmoil, which lead to the assassination attempt. Even though I am a fan of Bob Marley and like to listen to his music (and I often do), I did not know stories from his life and their connection with his beautiful songs. This film explains that really well. For example, Trench Town Rock explains social relations in Marley’s neighbourhood and the relations with the police, something I knew nothing about. Some other songs are his observations of political and social life, and many songs are packed with peaceful messages.

The remaining episodes of this series will feature other famous musicians and intriguing aspects of their lives, such as Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Sam Cook, etc. The series is broadcast monthly, which explains the longer format of the first episode.

Well-made and definitely worth watching.

Thank you for reading.

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