#TV Reviews: Netflix’s Shark Tank 9

New season of Shark Tank is on Netflix, and I really enjoyed it. This season was broadcast in the US in 2017 and we only got it now, but that does not undermine the experience of watching the series.

As with seasons 7 and 8 I also watched on Netflix, season 9 also brings plenty of innovative entrepreneurs, interesting products and even more interesting negotiations on percentages when sharks decide to invest in someone’s business. I really enjoyed watching sharks negotiate with candidates, and I like the fact the candidates can negotiate without issues. I also like that they do not always need to wait to get all offers, but sharks sometimes force entrepreneurs to decide immediately. In some cases, entrepreneurs do not want to wait and start negotiating with desired shark immediately.

This season also brought a fight between Mark Cuban and guest shark Richard Branson where the fight got so heated that they threw water at each other. Mark Cuban called one participant a gold digger, a term used in the show for those entrepreneurs who already raised lots of capital and who only came for a publicity rather than genuinely wanting a deal. Branson thought this was offensive and threw water at Cuban allegedly as a joke, but Cuban took it seriously and returned the favour.

Very interesting to watch, sharks behave in different ways towards different candidates and they invest a lot. Some great products have been presented, and I will certainly purchase a few of them, just like I previously purchased DIY haircut set after seeing it on Shark Tank (it is fab; see below).

Thank you for reading.

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