#Series Review: Amazon’s Oasis

Oasis is a pilot episode of a potential series available to Amazon Prime subscribers.

The series has a similar story to Netflix’s Terra Nova that also portrays future where the Earth is destroyed due to excessive use of resources and people look for options at other planets, or in other time.

However, unlikely for Terra Nova where new colonialists travel through time to the beginning of the world to start all over again, while evil rulers of the time period they left are trying to drain resources, in this series participants are facing something completely different.

They go to the new planet Oasis and they face events they cannot explain. For example, hallucinations send some of them to death as they try to approach their loved ones (both humans and pets) but instead end up throwing themselves into machinery that eventually kills them.

The episode has a religious connotation because the leader of the colony sends for a priest Peter Leigh (Richard Madden) instead of an engineer because colonialists get a sense they are not supposed to be on the other planet…

I am a fan of sci-fi and I certainly liked this series, and would love to see the actual one, so I will be giving a positive feedback to this pilot. Hopefully, many others will feel the same and we will get to see what happens next and how will Amazon explore religion and new colonialism…

Thank you for reading.

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