#Series Review: Netflix’s Riverdale Season 2

New season of Netflix’s Riverdale promises to unfold new events in a lively little town of Riverdale.

While one would say it is too much that all this is happening in such a small place, the directors managed to overcome that issue by actually saying so in the series.

Thus, when discussing who tried to murder Archie’s (KJ Apa) father Fred (Luke Perry), Jughead (Cole Sprouse) correctly observes that since this is Riverdale anything is possible, and the group starts investigating whether Fred’s attack was a robbery or a proper hit.

Meanwhile, Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) has taken her life under control and threatens her mom to abide by her rules in a no abuse life ahead of them, after she burned the house in the last episode of the season 1.

Episode 1 was broadcast yesterday with weekly episodes coming up. While the first episode was a bit slow and it is too early to tell whether the new season will be as dynamic as the first one, I am looking forward to next episodes. Especially because Veronica’s evil father is back to town and we still do not know if Jughead will become a serpent and join the South Side…

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