#Film Review: Netflix’s Naked (2017)

Director: Michael Tiddes

Rating: 2/5

I was recently worrying that my blog does not look serious enough because I love everything Netflix produces, and vast majority of my blogs are too positive and enthusiastic. Then along came Naked to sort the balance out.


This film is a classical example of the new era in film making that people seem to like (since so many films like this one are being produced, e.g Sandy Wexler) but I just can’t cope with it. In a nutshell, this is a film with overacting and hardly any story.

Rob Anderson (Marlon Wayans) wakes up naked in a hotel lift on his wedding day. He tries to get to his wedding on time while also trying to figure out what happened. However, Church bells then put him back to the lift and he starts everything all over again. I was expecting to see some change that would come as a result of being sent back, i.e. decide not to get married because something is wrong or simply not the right thing to do, or whatever. But no, that is not what happens in this film. It just keeps going on and on forever.

Yes, there are some things that get discovered thanks to this repeated event and Rob does grow up as a man, but it is not enough to justify the whole film.

The film is entertaining to an extent, but it is not my kind of thing because I do not like overacting. I suppose it may be suitable for new generations who browse online while sporadically watching something on the TV. But, I am an old school and I like to watch a film, as well as see some meaningful message like in some other films I reviewed (e.g. see here).

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