#Series Review: Netflix’s Riverdale

Riverdale is a new Netflix series, with 10 episodes broadcast by now. The new episode will be broadcast on 28th April (episode 11).

At first, I thought it is a typical teenager series with one beautiful girl bullying everyone else due to her beauty and money. However, this series is much more than that, for all girls are beautiful and bully each other, i.e. when Cheryl bullies Victoria or Elizabeth they do not breakdown in dismay but snap back and revenge.

In addition, this series is not all about teenagers but their parents as well. While teenagers are in the centre of attention, we also get to know their parents and their issues too. We also get to see that rich and beautiful girl is ultimately rejected and lonely, but actually not such a bad person.

The series is easy to follow and deep at the same time. It focuses on everyday lives of residents of a small town called Riverdale. The everyday lives are projected very vividly, and the viewer feels like s/he can immerse into the story and get to know characters well.

Some familiar faces appear in this series too, such as Luke Perry from my favourite series while I was a teenager, Beverly Hills 90210. I wish Netflix would buy this series so that I can watch it again, and see if it would be so great to watch it as it was when I was a teenager in Croatia during and after the war.

Anyway, it comes as a no surprise that I enjoyed the series because it successfully tackles everyday lives. I can’t wait 28th and the new episode. While waiting for 5th season of the Orange is the New Black and 6th and 7th season of US Shameless, this is probably the best thing that could have happened on Netflix meanwhile.

Thank you for reading.

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