#On Netflix’s Programme Matches & Two New Films I Really Did Not Like

Netflix has recently implemented a new system of programme matches, i.e. when you look at the programme in an attempt to decide what you want to watch it gives you a percentage that indicates whether that programme matches what you normally watch and like.  I was sceptical about it at first, but it actually works quite well. If I listened to the recommendation I wouldn’t have wasted time on two films I really did not like.

For example, film Win it all from 2017 is in the same category as The Discovery which I already blogged about and I did not like it(see here).

In Win it all we follow a story of Eddie Garrett who watches a bag for an acquaintance going to prison. When he realises there is cash in the bag he ends up in debt for Eddie likes to gamble. However, his acquaintance leaves prison earlier and Eddie struggles to collect the money to give it back. While there is nothing wrong with this story line, the way it was executed just did not appeal to me because I got bored. As I said in The Discovery review (read here), I am certainly not a person with low attention spam when it comes to meaningful movies but this was not it for me. I do see where the story is coming from but conversations they led in the movie were far from meaningful for me. However, not to listen only to me and perhaps in line with programme matches, I should say that other commentators did like the film (see this and this post).

On the other hand, in Take the 10, which was also recently added, we follow a story of two best friends, of whom one is a drug dealer and the other one works in a store. The film is funny though and thus meets the description of being a comedy, however, sometimes it feels as if writers have tried too hard. Thus, some scenes do not feel right and too exaggerated even for a comedy.

However, with this film I am not alone in criticism, as the other seemed to dislike it. For example, on Rotten Tomatoes the film today had 2.3 rating based on 83 reviews (see reviews here).

While I will not always follow Netflix’s suggestions and will continue to explore movies that are not my match just to see if someone will manage to surprise me, I do admit that perhaps I am fussier than I ever thought I was. While I always knew I am a fan of sci-fi (time traveling in particular) and everyday life projections, I might be actually more difficult than I thought. So, give these films a benefit of the doubt and see for yourself.

Thank you for reading.


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