#Review: TV Show Ultimate Beastmaster (2017)

Netflix has recently launched the Ultimate Beastmaster show with competitors from six countries. In the first round, competitors competed for becoming the beastmaster and then they will continue to the ultimate championship, i.e. 10 of them. Sylvester Stallone is one of the producers of the show heavily advertised to Netflix’s audiences around the globe.

It is a very dynamic and live show with competitors having to face all sort of obstacles. While some things seem really easy on the TV screen they are clearly not that easy in reality, as faces of competitors clearly reveal during the show.

This show is similar to Stalone’s Ninja show just that because this is a Netflix’s show it instantly had a global connotation, as it was simultaneously released around the globe and all seasons were opened to watch immediately. I personally watched the whole show over the course of 2.5 days as it was THAT interesting.

What is also interesting in this show is its cultural component. Therefore, we can see competitors from Mexico, Germany, USA, Brazil, Japan and South Korea. Each country has its own studio and we get to watch them all together cheering for their competitors, and once they are out then choosing someone else to support. What I thought was interesting was desire of Japanese and Korean participants to win, as loosing means embarrassing their country. This is clearly an interesting cultural connotation as many in Europe and the West would not feel personally affected if a national team lost no matter how sad they may be because of defeat. In addition, what is also very interesting in this show is that women compete together with men. While they do not do so well against the man it is still an interesting watch.

Anyway, a really good and dynamic reality show that deserves watching. Unlikely for many other reality shows where participants become instant stars for doing nothing but arguing and stabbing each other in the back, in this show participants must have strong physical skills as well as a winning mind set to concentrate on obstacles towards winning against the beast, or they drop down in blood and in many cases leave the show.

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