#Series Review: Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet

Imagine a guy who is trying to blackmail you to have sex with him, and you eat him. Literally. First you bite two fingers off, and then continue until villain is gone. You must be asking yourself, what she’s on about in this blog. Well, I felt the same when I saw all first episode of Santa Clarita Diet.

This is not your usual zombie series. This is more than that. It is less disgusting than normal zombie series (I still watch them, so don’t get me wrong here) and the first zombie is killing bad people because she has to eat. But then with unsuccessful attempt to eat a villain, the villain also becomes a zombie, which threatens to cause chaos, and Serbs might have a cure…

I will leave it here and let you watch it yourself and make judgement on whether humorous representation of zombies and eating villains is your thing. Whether you like the series or not, it is certainly unique and originality of the story must be acknowledged.

 Thank you for reading.

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