In times when some people go to elections to choose hate over hope and collaboration, a beautiful initiative emerged on Facebook. The initiative is a chain where we send one book we love to a stranger, and get some sent to us by other strangers. In this initiative people from all over the world send books they love to each other.

The initiative promotes reading, saving the culture but it also fosters understanding and collaboration for this initiative has no ethnicity, religion or nationality.

We get to learn what people from other parts of the country and the world liked reading, which books made them think and what they loved. We learn about each other in the best possible way.

A truly noble initiative. I am not sure who started it but I saw it first from my dear American friend Katherine who studied with me in Denmark and The Netherlands. I ordered my favourite book yesterday and as soon as it arrives it will be shipped all the way to San Francisco.

What a fabulous feeling to know someone I don’t know all the way in San Francisco will read my favourite book and get to learn from it.

When I get some books back I will report on which books came and from where (not the name of the sender, of course), and later write a review after I read it. That way this blog will also participate in sharing thoughts and culture rather than hate.

Hashtags for the initiative are #SaveTheCulture #BookExchange #LongLiveBooks

Check if any of your contacts is participating.

Thank you for participating and reading.

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