# Women and #Leadership in Public Relations


Women and Leadership in the Public Relations Industry: An International Perspective. London: Rutledge

Editor: Dr Martina Topić, Leeds Beckett University, UK (

As part of the EUPRERA project on Women in Public Relations, which I lead, I have so far edited and released four reports and one journal article based on original empirical research we have conducted as a team, and more publications and reports are pending (for current publications, see below).

I am now editing a book on women and leadership in public relations, with EUPRERA project partners submitting chapters based on research they’ve done for the project. I have obtained a contract with Routledge and the book will be published in New Directions in Public Relations and Communications Research book series

However, I am looking for more contributions, most notably from the United States, United Kingdom and the countries not represented in the project (confirmed submissions so far include Croatia, Georgia, Spain and Portugal) from Europe or elsewhere in the world.

The chapters can be either theoretical or based on empirical research you conducted. If you would like to discuss more please get in touch via

The deadline for chapters would be 1 May 2021 and chapters are up to 9,000 words including references (APA referencing style).  



N. Kaladze, L. Bibilashvili, M. Bandzeladze (2020). Women in Public Relations in Georgia. EUPRERA Report Vol. 2, No.3. In – M.Topić (ed), EUPRERA report series. Leeds/Brussels: Creative Media and Communications  Research Ltd & EUPRERA. 

M. Polić and M. Holy (2020). Women in Public Relations in Croatia. EUPRERA Report Vol.2,  No. 1. In – M.Topić (ed), EUPRERA report series. Leeds/Brussels: Creative Media and  Communications Research Ltd & EUPRERA. 

M. Topić (2020). Women in Public Relations in England. EUPRERA Report Vol 2, No 1. In –  M.Topić (ed), EUPRERA report seriesLeeds/Brussels: Creative Media and Communication Research Ltd & EUPRERA.

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M. Topić, M. J. Cunha, A. Reigstad, A. Jelen Sanchez, Á. Moreno (2020). Women in Public Relations (1982-2019). Journal of Communication Management. Early Cite:

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