#Book Review: The Infinity Engines Book 2 – Maelstrom

by Andrew Hastie

Rating: 4/5

This is the second book in the Infinity Engines book series. I absolutely loved the first blog and I enjoyed this second book too.

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The story in this book continues with an alternative timeline after it was abruptly changed at the end of book 1 and we find Josh trying to find Caitlin and continue where they left off. However, he finds an alternative timeline where things are entirely different. I enjoyed the Orwellian reference in the new timeline in a shattered world where Josh is seen as speaking the ‘oldspeak’, which was a really nice touch in the book. I also liked other Orwellian references to this timeline in regards to dictatorship and surveillance.

What was even more enjoyable was stopping reading about this and moving on when Josh and Caitlin started to fight to change things and when lots of time travelling and jumping centuries occurred. However, this only happens towards the end of the book so I think this book disappoints at the beginning because it is too static and there is too much focus on fighting monsters and creatures that jump out of various timelines, etc. However, knowing how good the story is I persevered and enjoyed it anyway only to find delight as the story moved on with lots of jumping. However, the fact it was so static for so long made me leave it and read something else so it took me this long to continue reading.

What I generally feel is missing in both books now (and also in the third one I started, albeit I only started the third one) is more descriptions of historical periods. For example, in regards to clothes and some customs. This would require some research but the information is available in fashion research, anthropology, history, etc.

Overall, I do recommend reading this book series to time time-travel lovers.

Thank you for reading.


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