#TimeTravel: Good Series to Watch 2

I already wrote about good series to watch with a time-travelling theme ( and this is the second part of this blog series, with two more series I thought would be of interest to time travel lovers such as myself.


Availability: Amazon Prime

This is an interesting series with a time travelling theme. The reason why I liked it so much is that it tackles not just time travelling but also history. Thus, Claire Randall (Caitriona Balfe) travels to the past accidentally and needs to deal with the culture that was present back then, but she also learns about history not just from history books and interpretations but also by living history. Claire also needs to negotiate her identity as an English woman who found herself in Scotland during conflicts between Scots and the English (this is where Outlander comes from, as Claire is called an outlander in Scotland) as well as a wife who lost her husband due to time travelling but then ends up marrying another man in the past.

This series does not have so much time travelling and changes that happen because of time travel. However, it has a beautiful historical narrative so we get to learn a lot about British history. In addition, it is a well-made series that feels very authentic and real. There are currently four seasons on Amazon.

Highly recommended.


Availability: Netflix

Three seasons of this series are currently available on Netflix. It is a good series and time travel lovers will enjoy it, because there is plenty of time travelling, as well as changed circumstances because of the time travel. There is also plenty of action and a romance is on the way towards the end of season one, which means the series has something for everyone. On top of that, the series is not just about time travelling but also about a plague that sweeps through the world, which times travellers are trying to change by chasing the virus through history in an attempt to destroy it.

In season two, our heroes continue to fight to save the world. It is no longer the plague that is the problem, but the destruction of time as well. Thus, we see lots of visual effects showing the time crashing due to paradoxes in the past caused by the Messengers working for the 12 Monkeys. In addition, in this season the search is getting more and more focused on the infamous Witness that James Cole (Aaron Stanford) and Dr Cassandra Railly (Amanda Schull) are trying to capture. The end of season two is again shocking as we get to find out who the Witness really is, and what the memory of tomorrow truly means.

Season three continues with the fight to save time and to discover who 12 Monkeys are, how to save the world, etc. Again, very exciting development, lots of time travelling and lots of changes. The plot goes back and forward and we learn how things unravel as well as how history is connected to the present.

Overall, this series offers plenty of time travelling, changed circumstances, chaotic decisions and shocking discoveries. While I would not call this series my favourite, I still enjoyed it because I like all time travel series and this one offers plenty of time travel excitement.

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