#Series Review: Prime’s Homecoming

Homecoming is a new series on Prime, and Prime is clearly trying to get me hooked to their programme. In a nutshell, the series is very well made and certainly different than any other series currently available to watch on any TV or streaming service.

The main character is Julia Roberts who portrays Heidi Bergman, a former counselor in a private company, which works as a contractor for the US Department of Defense. Heidi runs a programme called homecoming where certain soldiers are coming to a posh facility to get help with reintegration to the society. However, what they don’t know is that they are asked for answers about what triggers their emotions and bad memories from combat abroad. They also don’t know they are getting experimental medicine in their meals, programmed for consumption for six weeks. Thus, those who insist on leaving the programme face breakdowns and end up in psychiatric facilities, while those who stay loose many of their memories…

Above is a summary, which I kept as short as possible not to spoil too much. The series is definitely worth watching because the story is different, and also the way the series is made is quite interesting. Therefore, we watch Heidi in the present and then we also watch her in the past. The series constantly goes from past to present, which keeps it dynamic and interesting. The way story unfolds is also done well because every episode brings something new, which again keeps the series dynamic and the viewer engaged. In addition, the series steps away from excessive criticism of the corporate world and thus offers more moderate criticism of corporations, while correctly placing blame on the Government, which is where all criticism when something goes wrong should be directed to.

Do watch this series!

Thank you for reading.

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