#Film Review: Prime’s Finding Your Feet (2018)

Director: Richard Loncraine

Rating: 5/5

This film is another beauty from Amazon Prime. If Amazon continues like this, my blog will no longer be dominated by Netflix only.

The film tackles elderly age, and as such gives a beautiful message, that life can be inspiring and joyful even when we grow old and retire. Thus, it is still possible to enjoy extra activities such as dancing, traveling, and nevertheless, it is still possible to fall in love, flirt, etc. In the current world we live in this is a most welcome message. Sadly, the world has gone mad and many youngsters seem to think they will be young forever and thus dismiss anyone or anything older. Popular culture has contributed to this, but it is positive to see things changing, at least in this beautiful film that shows otherwise. The life is more than work, and life certainly does not end with work age. According to this film, and I wholeheartedly agree, it can only begin.

Thus, in this film we meet two sisters, one married to a rich man and living life according to his expectations, while the other one keeps her free spirit until the last day and enjoys activities, adventures, activism, dancing, traveling, and flirting too. As the first sister realises her husband has been having years long affair she moves out and comes to live with her sister. This is where the film also gets funny because rich sister, used to posh living, cannot make sense of her sister’s modest but still joyful living. She manages to piss lots of people off, including her sister, but as the film progresses she starts wondering whether it was her sister who wasted her life or her…

Absolutely beautiful and inspiring. Definitely watch this!

Thank you for reading.

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