#Film Review: Netflix’s Apostle (2018)

Director: Gareth Evans

Rating: 4/5

When I saw announcement for this film on Netflix today, I immediately knew this film will be well made and I knew it will be good. What I did not know is that I will shout ‘what did I just saw’ so many times, because I certainly did not except an outstanding horror.

The film starts nicely as a historical drama where Thomas Richardson (Dan Stevens) is trying to save him sister, kidnapped by a new cult. Thus, he infiltrates in the cult and joins them on the secluded island to save his sister. We start following his quest to discover his sister’s whereabouts and we definitely enjoy the landscape, lightening, camera, and everything. The film is simply beautifully made.

But then boooom. The film is not just about brother’s quest to save his sister held for ransom by a crazy cult. The crazy cult is not so crazy after all, for there is a goddess on the island who has previously helped with crops and life on the island. But, as we wonder whether she is evil (she drinks blood and eats human organs) we realise that true evilness comes from humanity. It is one of the three main members of the cult who keeps goddess in chains and threatens her if she does not start giving them good crops and improve life on the island. His daughter also has a secret relationship with fellow islander, and thus commits a sin because she gets pregnant on the island where it is impossible to give birth to a living being, human or animal.

Thomas thus has numerous roles, to save his sister, to save goddess, save himself for he has been discovered, and destroy clearly cursed island…

This film is simply different than anything I watched recently, and as I already said, it is a high-quality production. The acting is also very good and very convincing, Dan Stevens in particular but everyone else as well. Thus, it was a true enjoyment to watch this film, and I would strongly recommend it. The film could be easily rated as 5/5, but you know me, I keep that for sociological dramas addressing everyday lives (some things never change).

Thank you for reading.

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