#Film Review: Prime’s The Commuter (2018)

Director: Jaume Collet Serra

Rating: 4/5

Prime has a good film starring Liam Neeson. Neeson was good in Taken film series and he is good in this film.

In this film, Liam Neeson portrays Michael MacCauley, a former police officer now working in an insurance company. One day he comes to work and gets fired out of nowhere, which leaves him in a horrible financial situation, because his son just started college. He and his family already faced financial issues with the big financial crisis of 2008, so this is not a welcome news. As he also states, he is too old to start again, and as he wanders off the work thinking how to tell his wife what happened, he bumps into his former colleagues from the Police.

At first this does not look suspicious, but as it later turns out he lost a job due to his extraordinary abilities to spot a suspect. Just that in this case he is asked to spot an important witness who could take down many influential people including some police officers.

The whole film is centred on MacCauley’s plight to find the witness and then once he realises what he is involved with on saving the witness. Interestingly, the whole film happens in a train and I thought that was quite unusual and interesting. I was interested to learn N.Y. station names and areas, and have ended up googling some of the areas I haven’t heard of before. The only criticism would be unrealistic fighting between MacCauley and at least 20 years younger villain, which just did not feel right. I am not saying that an older person cannot beat a Hell out of a younger person, but in this case, the scene was just not convincing.

Anyway, an unusual film with good acting and good effects. Worth watching.

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