#Series Review: Netflix’s Atypical 2

I really should get a tagger’s job for Netflix, since I tend to binge watch majority of their series anyway. But, when was I ever good in making extra cash!? Speaking of binge watching, and just like with season 1, I also binge watched season 2 of this lovely series.

While in season 1 (see here) we saw Sam’s (Keir Gilchris) journey towards socialisation and handling puberty and romantic relationships, in this season we watch him take more responsibility and switch towards more independence and individual decision making.

The second season thus tackles individual living of people on the spectrum, which corresponds with caring strategy in the UK, where individuals on the spectrum are also encouraged to live independently as much as possible. This season is less educational than the first one, where Sam was teaching us what spectrum means and how it is for individuals on the spectrum to live in a mainstream society. However, this does not mean that the season 2 is not worth watching.

In addition to Sam’s struggles with learning how to be more independent, in season 2 his sister Casey (Brigette Lundy-Paine) gets more prominence in the story and thus we follow her journey in a private school, where she suddenly finds herself in an entirely different environment, not just socially but also intellectually. Nevertheless, the series also explores her sexuality and the situation in which parents give more attention to the child of the spectrum, and how other children deal with never being in the centre of the attention.

In a nutshell, the season 2 turns more into a mainstream series rather than an educational one; however, the story line is still unique due to central character’s issues with the mainstream society and addressing hurdles people on the spectrum face. In addition, there are some funny elements in the series, lightening is very good, and the story keeps the attention of the viewer throughout the season. Michael Rapaport simply cannot do anything wrong. Wherever I watched him, be it in action films or sitcoms such as Friends and the Big Bang Theory, or now this beauty, he is just fantastic and convincing as Hell.

Thank you for reading.

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