#Series Review: Netflix’s Lost in Space (2018)

This series is a remake of 1960s classic and Netflix tried to reboot the original series but without copying the original plot. As some commentators said, Netflix tried to offer “a camp without a camp” (see here)

In other words, not all views of the series are positive because commentators do not always see the reason for this reboot when what people used to like (such as the silliness and fun of the original series) has been removed and we have just a lost in the space story. The series is expensive and it looks as it has been produced in a blockbuster type. As a person who did not watch the classic, I have to say I enjoyed it and I especially did so because I do not like silliness (e.g. in the original a family is shot to the space from Earth unprepared and that is not something I would like) but I do like high-fly production such as this one.

In a nutshell, a group of people from the Earth are sent to the space to form a colony and find a new life, because life on Earth is no longer good. As we hear, people on Earth will never see the blue sky again and we see them wearing masks due to pollution. Those who want to go to the colony must be the best of the best and pass rigorous tests and they must not have a criminal record.

However, things do not go easy and one villain manages to sneak in, and she causes all sort of trouble. June Harris (Parker Possey) goes as her sister Jessica but then steals an identify of Dr Smith by stealing his coat and ship when they get attacked by aliens. June/Dr Smith is clearly psychotic and incredibly evil and this is the aspect of the series I did not particularly enjoy. While I understand the point of having a villain (not just because of the classic but also in general) this was too much. Having a lunatic who will disrupt her own salvage to do evil and kill was really not necessary.

Having said this, the story is centred on the life of people who survived the alien attack on a new and unknown planet where they are trying to get in touch with the main crew. However, they soon learn the planet is inhabitable because it is going to fall into a black hole in a matter of weeks. Thus, there is already a strong seismic activity which makes preparations to leave even more difficult. The main characters of the story are the Robinson family members who are most trained and skilled to lead the rescue.

However, this leads to another annoying thing in the series, and that is the number of obstacles children of the Robinson’s couple created in having the operation run smoothly. If this happened in the real life they would have all been shot to death (regardless of the fact that only non-violent people were selected for the mission), or at least captured and imprisoned on one of the ships to stop screwing everything up for everyone. However, even though the villain is too much and Robinson children were really annoying, I still enjoyed the series and will give a try to the second season should there be one.

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