#Series Review: Netflix’s The End of the F ***ing World

This series has been added to Netflix recently and I watched it all in one go. I only did not have the time to write anything because of marking assignments, preparing teaching and attending conferences. But, I am back now so beware…

This is one of those series when I had “what the Hell” moment several times, but I could not stop watching the programme anyway. I would not recommend this series for minors as it could give them some silly ideas but it is quite refreshing and different for adults.

In a nutshell, the series is a British version of Bonnie and Clyde just that the couple here are teenagers who run away from home and all bad things happen to them by accident. James (Alex Lawther) is 17 and he is sure he is a psychopath dreaming of killing someone. That someone turns out to be Alyssa (Jessica Barden) his school mate who just like him also does not fit into mainstream society and high school life. Instead of being killed, James falls in love with Alyssa and the couple ends up running away from home. James gets a chance to kill but to protect Alyssa and the couple engages in robberies, use of weapons and all sort of stuff we normally see in the wild West film.

As the series was not just serious but also humorous I expected a different ending, but the one that actually happened shocked me. Thus, worth watching for sure…

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