#Film Review: Netflix’s XX (2017)


Roxanne Benjamin (Don’t Fall)

Karyn Kusama(Her Only Living Son)

St Vincent (The Birthday Cake)

Jovanka Vuckovic (The Box)


Overall experience: 4/5

The Box: 4/5

The Birthday Cake: 4/5

Don’t Fall: 2/5

Her Only Living Son: 1/5

This new film on Netflix is really something. It is a series of four short horror films and each story has women as main characters. Nevertheless, all four films were directed by four different women.

Each film is separate and not just horror but also mystical. My favourite two are The Birthday Cake where we see a trauma from the past unfold and the film tells us in the end what was the point of the film, and The Box where we look at the family starving to death. Well, father and two children starve and die and mother is left alone to find the responsible person but also in the dilemma to get closer to them. This one also portrays everyday worries of a women and family life quit well and the story also happens outside of the studio which adds an extra touch to the film.

I can’t write anything more than this without spoiling so I will just say that not all films are equally good as per rating above. However, the overall experience of watching this was good because it is different and unique.

Thank you for reading.

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