#Series Review: Netflix’s Sinner

Sinner is a new series on Netflix. I started watching it last night thinking I will watch it over a few days, but as it turned out I could not let it go and I watched the whole season in one go.

In this series, Cora (Jessica Biel) abruptly kills a guy at the beach by stabbing him seven times with the knife she was using to peel fruit for her little son. She does not know why she did it, and her husband does not understand why did she thought that she is defending his girlfriend who seemed fine when they were making out.

I do not want to spoil the series so I will not explain why she did it and what actually happened, however, it must be noted that the series very clearly shows why it is important to face the past and resolve it. Because, if we don’t it can strike back at any time and if the trauma gets so deep then it can lead to horrific consequences.

The series also portrays how important good parenting is and how important it is not to forget healthy child when one has a sick one. If Cora had more care from her parents, if her mother was not obsessed with her sick daughter and if her father stood up against the abuse of his older daughter instead of going to neighbour’s house to cheat on his wife, then perhaps things could have been different.

The series also sends a message that effort of one person can make all the difference. In this series, it is detective Ambrose (Bill Pullman) who obsesses with the case intuitively knowing that Cora is not just any killer and keeps digging until he finds out what actually happened to Cora five years ago when she left her parent’s home.  These events, as it turned out, lead to the release of trauma and murder at the beach.

Finally, the series also gives a good insight into how human mind works and what kind of influences can trigger trauma and give back memories of the past. It can be something as simple as a song, which was the case with Cora. I know how confusing this feels because I had a memory triggered by a necklace long time ago in August 2010, just that my memory trigger was a happy one because I discovered family roots and I’ve got answers to some questions I have been asking for a long time. But, this series vividly portrays what happens when a hidden memory is a bad one…

Thank you for reading.

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