#Series Review: Stranger Things 2

Stranger things finally returned to Netflix on Friday. I watched it on Friday and Saturday, as I could not let it go after initially considering to dropout.

As a reminder, in the first season Will disappeared and his mother and brother launched a desperate search to find him for they never accepted that decomposed body found in the nearby lake is Will. Ultimately, they managed to save him from the Opside Down with the help of Eleven, a girl with special abilities who can move things with her mind as well as kill if someone is attacking her. Eleven also opened the gap, which enabled Opside Down to come so close to the world and thus little town in Indiana was faced with monster so ancient that it does not even have a home to go to but rather wants to conquer the present world. The last episode of the first season finishes with Will throwing up a slug, which showed us that the story is not over.

In the second season, Will is possessed by the monster who is using him as a spy and controlling him in an attempt to take the control over the world. Eleven is meanwhile living with sheriff who is hiding her for her own safety so she does not end up in the laboratory again. The hard question our characters face is how to get monster out of Will without killing him? Is Eleven going to be able to help them again? Can she close the gap she opened?

At first, the series was really slow and I nearly stopped watching but then in the episode 3 it starts picking up and episodes four to nine are really exciting and worth watching.

I am not sure if there is a plan to make season three but if so, I will give it a try for sure.

Thank you for reading.

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