#Film Review: Netflix’s Take Me (2017)

Director: Pat Healey

Rating: 3/5

Take me is a new film of Netflix, which only had 88% score for me on the programme matching. Given the experience with The Incredible Jessica James (see here) and other films that were scored low on matches and I ended up disliking (see also here) I was considering skipping this.

But, I saw Taylor Schilling (, or Piper from one of my favourite series, Orange is the New Black, so I gave it a go just to see how she portrays this character.

Taylor Schilling did not disappoint me because she is good in this film, as she was in OITNB. I really like the way she portrays characters she represents. Just like in OITNB where she portrayed Piper so well, she did well in portraying Anna, a psycho who hires Ray (Pat Healy) to kidnap her.

Ray has a Kidnapping Solutions Ltd that simulates kidnapping experience for his customers for various reasons. For example, one client came to him to kidnap and forcibly feed him so that he would stop eating unhealthy food and gaining weight. Ray feeds him more than 12 of his favourite hamburgers and at the end of the film we see the customer eating salad, which proved to Ray that his efforts were for the benefit of his customers.

Anna hired Ray just because she wanted some excitement, and throughout the film this kidnapping goes on, but in a way that the viewer is no longer sure whether it was actually her who called and ordered the simulation or someone set her up. Or, whether Ray’s ex set him up to put him in trouble again just like she did it previously when he lived and worked in Atlantic City.

I did not expect anything from this film not just because of the low match, but also because it is not the kind of thing I normally like. But, I ended up enjoying it simply because it is different than anything else I watched before. Kidnapping Solutions Ltd is a really original and amusing premise, and the film manages to keep the viewer puzzled until the end of the film.

Not a bad film, a pleasant surprise actually.

Thank you for reading.

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