#Series Review: Young Sheldon 5

Young Sheldon is not the best series for those who did not watch The Big Bang Theory and loved Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) as its main character. I obviously loved the Big Bang Theory and Sheldon was my favourite. A bloke with two doctorates who does not drive and needs to be chauffeured everywhere, what is there to dislike lol?

So, I always enjoyed Young Sheldon and this series 5 was particularly good because it explained where some of Sheldon’s views came from (there is also season 6 already but not on UK Netflix). For example, we learnt that young Sheldon had a difficult engineering teacher who kept ripping his assignment to pieces and failed to get impressed with his otherwise brilliant intellect, which explains his hatred of engineering. He could not master it, so he had to denigrate all engineers to hide his shortcoming. But this also explains why in some episodes when Sheldon quarrels with Howard he knows a lot about engineering and can answer even hard questions.

In addition to that, we see where video gaming came from, interactions in the dorm during his undergraduate studies albeit these interactions are not something ever mentioned in The Big Bang Theory, not that I remember anyway, and I watched the series several times. At his college, Sheldon gets uncomfortable with the term sex so chooses coitus instead when he finds himself in a situation where he needs to use the word, which is nicely explained since in The Big Bang Theory where Sheldon uses this term almost exclusively and to an excess.

What is more, whilst playing Dungeons and Dragons, young Sheldon drinks root beer and ends up vomiting, which explains his reluctance to drink alcohol as an adult. In the last episode of series 5, Sheldon buys his first Flash t-shirt and wears it over the other shirt, which marks his change to adulthood and into the character we all know. This was explored through teenage hormones and growing up, and whilst Sheldon is initially upset, Missy (Raegan Revord) helps him and tells him to look forward to the future, which is how the Flash t-shirt happens. This also signals an end to a shirt and a bow tie.

Jim Parsons narrates the series again, but this time also with a verbal appearance from Howard (Simon Helberg) who talks about engineering and as it always happens, they fall out. Amy (Mayim Bialik) also joins to talk about love and personal lives and Sheldon, interestingly, mentions a son called Leonard, which would be an interesting continuation of The Big Bang Series if Jim Parsons would suck up and return so we can enjoy more seasons of the quirky gang and their academic shenanigans. If that were to happen, I would love it if Barry Kripke (John Rose Bowie) had an ever-bigger role. His banter and digging into Sheldon were epic and I absolutely loved it.

Overall, it was an enjoyable series explaining many things from The Big Bang theory and I just love all characters and their quirkiness. I can’t help myself; I love this!

Thank you for reading!

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