#Film Review: Netflix’s Like Father (2018)

Director: Lauren Miller Rogen

Rating: 5/5

A very good film. It is both a drama and a comedy, and thus it made me laugh several times. In addition, it portrayed women in the advertising industry very well.

Rachel (Kristen Bell) is a typical women working in advertising. She is entirely consumed by her work, which includes not just working on advertising campaigns but also entertaining the clients on evenings and visiting them to develop friendly relations. As a result, her best friend is her phone and her private life suffers. Thus, she is consumed with work even on her wedding day and gets late even to the wedding, because instead of walking down the aisle she is on the phone ordering her assistant what to do while she is absent. She walks in eventually, but when she gives her flowers away to hold hands with her husband to be, the phone falls down to the floor and her fiancé realizes she will never change, and thus leaves her at the altar. This is where the story of the film begins, as she sees her estranged father who she last saw when she was 5, and when he visits her the next day to invite her for drinks, she ends up giving him a drunken invitation to join her on what was supposed to be her wedding cruise.

Some scenes on the cruise are hilarious, especially with Jeff Friedman (Seth Rogen) who just can’t shut up when he and Rachel hook up and afterwards when he joins her and her father on a hiking tour. On the other hand, some scenes are annoying because she just can’t get off the bloody phone while life is passing next to her. She blames her father for leaving her for work, but fails to see she is not much different than him…

Light hearted but also well made, with some fun elements. In addition, it is refreshing to have a portrayal of busy women who misses out on stuff because of being married to work, and not always seeing men in that role.

Thank you for reading.

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