#Film Review: Netflix’s SPF-18

Director: Alex Israel

Rating: 1/5

SPF-18 has been on Netfix for a couple of weeks or so now, and I watched it last night. I honestly do not know what to say about this, because there is sadly not that much to say.

The film barely has a story, and as if this is not enough there is a narrator occasionally telling us what characters feel and think. Like in a cartoon or something. This was winding me up throughout the film and I do not know what was the point of this. To address all-time low attention spam among people? Fair enough if this was the case, but that is not for me. I am perfectly capable of concentrating on a film and the narrations were irritating me.

I always try to find something positive to say but there is nothing here. I even tried to convince myself that this is a film about teenagers and thus I am not the target group for I am not a teenager. However, then I remembered that Netflix’s Riverdale is also about teenagers and I still like it because it has a story (it does not matter whether someone likes Riverdale’s story, but one has to admit that it does exist).

In this film, there is a couple who sleeps together for the first time, and the guy has issues so the girl is feeling weird. She has also been there for him when his father died but got very little in return as he is distant and does not really love her, but he happily accepted the support and mislead her. We’ve seen and heard this many times before.

However, the story above is not the problem because many films have this theme. The problem is that this film has very little story and thus we are kept waiting for something meaningful to happen but it doesn’t. Just like with Incredible Jessica James film (see here) where we wait for the story only to find ourselves in disbelief that the film actually ended.

Thank you for reading.

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