#Film Review: Netflix’s Wheelman (2017)

Director: Jeremy Rush

Rating: 3/5

Wheelman is a new film on Netflix. It is not the most brilliant film you will ever see, but it is not bad either.

Nameless character known as the Wheelman (Frank Grillo) is driving bank robbers on their way to ‘work’. He needs to get the work done, as we learn, because of the debt he has towards a criminal organisation that appointed him to do this job. He’s done time already and clearly does not want to go back to prison any time soon.

As it turns out, he starts receiving phone calls from someone ‘out of the area’ allegedly affiliated with the guy he agreed the work with. The guy insists that he works for him, while Wheelman tries to reach out for the guy he agreed the work with. This conversation is lengthy but very interesting as it is entirely unclear what will happen next.

Wheelman is however faced with some hard choices, i.e shall he leave the robbers and drive off with the money as requested to save himself from murder? What should he do when he is requested to hand over the money to two different gangs? What about his ex-wife that gets kidnapped along the way? How far does one go to save the ex-wife?

Some good action in this movie along with tackling real questions and ethical choices people have to make, to sacrifice someone for personal benefit and benefit of your loved ones, or to serve the common good and do no harm to anyone but then face a potential to face personal loss?

However, even with these positive characteristics the film is simply a bit boring because one keeps waiting for something to happen but it doesn’t. It is just a crazy ride in a car and an attempt to figure out who wants the money and who is least likely to kill him. Frank Grillo is brilliant in the leading role though.

Overall,  not my cup of tea but action lovers may like it as the concept is relatively novel. So, if you are an action lover give it a chance…

Thank you for reading.

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