#Film Review: Netflix’s Stasis (2017)

Rating: 4/5

Stasis is a new film on Netflix, and yet another story of time travelling and the doomed future ahead of us. The film is directed by Nicole Jones Dion.

I naturally enjoyed time travelling as I am a fan, and I enjoyed a distinctive characteristic of this film, which is travelling to the body of a dead person. In this, the film is similar to Netflix’s series Travelers where people from the future go back to absorb bodies and identities of those who died.

In this film, the story is centred in year 2067 where billions of people perished in the bloody war. Therefore, members of the rebellion movement use Stasis time machine to go to the past to stop the war. In that, they need to fight with the ruler of the future and his people also sent back to stop them from changing the events. This is briefly introduced at the beginning of the movie.

The story then continues with Ava (Anna Harr) waking up outside after a blackout fuelled by drugs and alcohol. But, when she comes to her room she finds herself already there, as a fugitive from the future (named Seattle) has stolen her body because Stasis made a mistake and send Seattle to the body of a person who nearly died instead of the one who actually died. Ava, however, embarks on finding out who the fugitive is, and in order to have her life back she joins forces with their nemesis, the Huntress (Tiana Masaniai).  However, she realises that for the Huntress she is just an error and that she will not help her…

An interesting movie, if you are a time travelling fan like myself. I love it, and this film satisfied my never ending hunger for time travelling adventures.

Thank you for reading.

2 thoughts on “#Film Review: Netflix’s Stasis (2017)

  1. Thank you so much for the great review. I am a fan of ‘time travel’ myself (H.G. Wells : The Time Machine… was one of my favorite books) which made my part in this flm more enjoyable. Nicole (Writer & Director of Stasis) was a great person to work with and I look forward to many of her future projects!

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