Teaching and Supervisions

I have experience in teaching undergraduate and postgraduate courses in two countries and two distinctive education systems,  Croatia and the UK.

I teach both research-informed and practical modules. In my research modules, I receive high student evaluations due to my passion for conducting research and generating knowledge, as well as my ability to present research findings in an appealing and understandable way. I genuinely believe that research-informed education creates the best critical thinkers and problem solvers of the future.

In the teaching of practical modules, I only accept to teach modules where I am fully skilled and have up-to-date knowledge of industry trends. Therefore, I taught SEO and WordPress modules. This teaching was hands-on and meeting industry standards. I do not value practical teaching based on old work experience and I would not agree to teach a module or run a workshop where I am not highly skilled.

Since joining academia in December 2007, I taught a number of modules ranging from Media Systems, Sociological theories, Public Relations Skills, Reporting, Business Journalism, Media Futures, Media and Public Sphere, Communication Ethics and Regulation, SEO and research methods.

Teaching specialism:


WordPress design

Writing for Business / Academic writing

Media System

Women’s Studies

Public Relations

Over the years, I have also successfully supervised a number of undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations, as well as journalism projects. Other than helping students successfully complete their courses and learn how to conduct research, I have also helped many of them to publish their findings to further promote their work and help them with employability.

The list of supervised dissertations and projects is below:

Leeds Beckett University

BA in PR (Hons) (academic dissertations)

2017/2018 – “The Use of Social Media Influencers in the Beauty Industry: The Case Study of Mac”

2017/2018 –  “Reputation management in the Security Industry: A Case Study of G4S – “What I saw when I was undercover?”

2017/2018  – “An Analysis of Consumers’ Motivations for Using Social Media and whether it Affects their ‘real-time’ Engagement”

2017/2018 – “The Effect of the Rise of Vloggers on Consumer Buying Behaviour”

2017/2018 –  “The Role of Social Media as a Digital Tool to Enhance Customer Experience: The Case of Batelco Telecommunication Company Bahrain”

2017/2018 – “Exploring the Social Responsibility of Celebrities: The Case Study of Models and Beauty Influencers in the Digital Age”

2016/2017 – “Qatar’s Organisation of FIFA World Cup: Managing Stakeholder Relations” 

2016/2017 – “Tourism and Social Media Engagement: Promotion of Columbia as a Safe Place to Travel”

2016/2017 – “Journalists and Public Relations Professionals in the UK”

2016/2017 – “Social Media and Beauty Bloggers”

2014/2015 – “Towards an Ethical PR? An Exploration into Student’s Ethical Perceptions towards the Sainsbury’s WWI Advert” 

2014/2015 – “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Legitimate Acts of Good Will or Just PR? A Case Study of Waitrose 2014” 

BA (Hons) in Journalism (journalism project and academic paper)

2016/2017 – “The Dangers of Online Dating”

2016/2017  – “Post-truth Politics”

2016/2017 –  “Familiarity of Pornography”

2016/2017 –  “Dementia and Benzos”

2016/2017 –  “Sex and Violence”

2015/2016 –  “Depression among teenagers in today’s society”

2015/2016 – “The driving factor behind the rise of food banks in the UK”

2015/2016 – “The effect of child poverty on educational attainment in Leeds”

2014/2015 – “Modern football: The beautiful game?” 

2014/2015 – “The Death of Village Cricket” 

MA/MSc supervisions

2018/2019 –  (MA International Communication) – “The Impact of Corporate Communications on Corporate Reputation through Social Media in the Case of Navigos Group”

2018-2019 – (MA International Communication) – “The Use of Chinese Social Media Platform for Engaging with the Chinese Market”

2018/2019 –  (MA International Communication) – “Shifting media relations: How Compensation affects Relationship Building with Influencers

2017/2018 – (MSc in Corporate Communications) – Hearts and Minds: An Exploration of the Role of Emotions in Arts and Heritage Charity Communications Campaigns

2017/2018 – (MA in Public Relations and Strategic Communication) – Regaining the Public’s Trust: A Case Study of the Deteriorated Reputation of the Police Force in Bergen

2017/2018 – (MSc in Journalism) – Mass Media and Gender Stereotypes: An Inquiry into Agenda Setting against Male Professional Athletes with Mental Health Issues

2017/2018 – (MSc in Journalism) – Women’s Magazines as a Way of Escaping Discrimination and Bringing Women Empowerment in a Male-Dominated Journalism Industry: A by-line Comparison of The Spectator and Red magazine

2017/2018 – (MA in International Communication) – The transition from cross-cultural training to work floor implementation: A case study of KIT Intercultural Professionals and cross-cultural training methods

2017/2018 – (MA in International Communication) – Brand Management across Cultures: Creating a cultural guide useful for brand adaptation in Japan – A Case Study of Transperfect

2017/2018 – (MA in International Communication) – External and Internal Company Communications in the Network Society: Importance of Maintaining External and Internal Relationships of the Company – A Case Study of WebAds Publishers Network

2016/2017 – (MSc in Journalism) – “Agenda Setting and the Mass Media in the UK: The Case Study of NHS” 

2016/2017 – (MSc in Journalism) – “Public’s Perceptions of Journalism and the Influence of Popular Culture: An Analysis of Movies Portraying Journalism as a Profession” (1920-2017) 

2016/2017 – (MS in PR and Strategic Communication) – “The relationship between Journalists and Public Relations Practitioners”

2016/2017 – (MA in PR and Strategic Communication) – “Feminisation of PR”

2016/2017 – (MA in International Communication) – “The Challenges of change in a multicultural team: Applying storytelling in the management process” 

2016/2017 – (MA in International Communication) – “A Cross-Cultural Communication to CSR Communication: The Case Study of Royal Dutch Shell” 

2016/2017 – (MA in International Communication) – “Digital Age and the Print Media: The Impact of Media on Product Purchase among Young Chinese

2016/2017 (MA in International Communication) – “Factors Affecting The Convergence Of Organizational Cultures in Mergers & Acquisitions: A Communication Approach To A Successful Merger Or Acquisition – A Case study on FORCE Technology and DELTA AS”

2015/2016 – (MSc in Corporate Communications) – “Traditional Versus Digital Marketing: An Exploration of British Face-to-Face Brand Interactions with Consumers in a Digitalised World”. 

2015/2016 – (MSc in Corporate Communications) – ““Leadership Success and the Art of Communication: A Study into the Reality of Identifying and Recruiting Truly Effective Global Leaders”.

2015/2016 – (MA in PR and Strategic Communication) – “The Agenda Setting Function of the Mass Media in the United States: The Case of Hillary Rodham Clinton”.

2015/2016 – (MA in PR and Strategic Communication) – “Celebrity Brand Ambassadors and Public Relations: Kate Middleton and the British Fashion Industry”.

2015/2016 – (MSc in Corporate Communications) – ““Exploring the Need for Public Relations in Healthcare: A Case Study Analysis of Living Like You”.

2015/2016 – (MA in PR & Strategic Communication) – “Humour and Business Leaders: A Study of the Perception of Business Leaders’ use of Humour and its Impact on Attitudes towards Source Credibility and Liking, and Brand Attitudes among the British Public”

2015/2016 – (Master in International Communication)  – ““Hofstede’s Model and the Consumer Behaviour: Cross-Cultural Analysis of Ratings and Reviews of the Royal Philips Consumers and the Impact on Company’s CRM Activities and Consumer’s Satisfaction” 

2014/2015 – (MSc in Journalism) – “Representation of Broadcast Female Sports Journalists in the Print Media” 

2014/2015 – (MA in PR & Strategic Communication) – “Corporations – NGOs: An Analysis of Sainsbury’s Partnership with Comic Relief” 

2014/2015 – (MSc in Journalism) – “Media, the Body Image and the Expected Roles: The Media Framing of Kate Middleton” 

2014/2015 – (MA in PR & Strategic Communication): “CSR and Community Relations: The Employee perspective – A Case Study Based on Kuwait Airways” 

2014/2015 – (MSc in Corporate Communications) – “Exploring Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Qatar: A corporate and stakeholders’ perspective” 

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